Go Resources

The rules of Go.

A free beginner go guide in PDF at gobook.eu

Books: Online Platforms:
  • Online Go Servers (OGS): OGS is a popular online platform where you can play Go against opponents of various skill levels. It also offers a variety of resources, including puzzles and lectures.
  • KGS Go Server: Another online platform, KGS has a vibrant community and a wide range of players. You can watch high-level games and participate in tournaments.
Tutorials and Lectures:
  • Sensei's Library: This online resource is a collaborative Go knowledge base. It includes articles, game reviews, and tutorials for players of all levels.
  • Dwyrin's YouTube Channel: Dwyrin provides insightful Go lectures and game reviews on his YouTube channel. His content is beginner-friendly yet covers advanced concepts.
Professional Games:
Go Software:
  • SmartGo: SmartGo is a comprehensive software that includes a database of professional games, problem sets, and a tool for game analysis.

Go Clubs and Communities:

  • Local Go Clubs: Check if there are any Go clubs in your area. Playing with others face-to-face can enhance your learning experience.
  • Online Forums: Participate in online forums such as the Reddit community r/baduk. It's a place to ask questions, discuss strategies, and share experiences with other Go enthusiasts.